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At Solution Loans we believe that a helpful broker service shouldn't cost you anything – that’s why we don’t charge fees for what we do. Our approach uses the latest technology and some clever thinking to ensure that all our users have access to our free broker service, no matter what kind of loan they're looking for.

Free really does mean free

The finance industry gets bad press for disguised costs and charges that have often been hidden. But you won’t find any of that with Solutions Loans. We offer a genuinely free broker service that won’t cost you anything at all to use. We don’t even pass this cost on to you by adding it to your loan or repayments. Instead we earn our income from the lenders and other partner we work with. Loans via Solutions Loans should cost the same as going direct to a lender.

A broker you can afford to use!

We know that many people avoid using a broker because of the fees that can be charged but the Solutions Loans free service provides all the benefits of an experienced and broad broker service, without any of the cost.

  • Very wide range of information – one of the main advantages of a broker like Solutions Loans is the diverse offering of options. We have a access to a very broad spectrum of products so it’s much easier to find the one to suit you.
  • Fast lender response – in most cases, we are able to provide a live response within 30-60 seconds to give you something to go on. You can make well-informed choices at speed and it won’t cost you anything.
  • Safe and secure – individual lenders vary when it comes to the security of your information but you know that when you work with Solutions Loans, we provide the same safe and secure service for all the products that you browse while on our website.
  • Up to date – the experience we have as a broker, and the broad network this gives us access to, means that we’re able to make sure you can see the best and most up to date products on offer. This kind of perspective is only available via organizations like Solutions Loans that aren’t invested in persuading you to choose one product or another, only the best option for you.

Solutions Loans – forward thinking finance

  • We listen to our customers and we have taken the time to figure out what you really want. Personal finance shouldn’t be intimidating, costly, confusing or difficult to work out, which is why we strive to make sure our customers can walk away with a great loan, having had a thoroughly positive experience with us.
  • We know that you worry about conmen and losing money online, which is why we offer a safe and secure service. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the CCTA (Consumer Credit Trade Association) and must abide by their code of practice.
  • Our customers tell us that they don’t see why credit brokers shouldn’t be free – and we agree! That’s why you’ll see the No Fees stamp all across our website.
  • Our service is cost effective to help keep costs down – we don’t waste money on unnecessary infrastructure and advertising, we simply put the customer first.
  • We invest in using technology to make your experience with us more efficient and easier for you – we have developed some simple to use tools that allow you to get a good idea of the kind of finance that will suit you, as well as what you can afford. Use the Find Loan tool, for example, and answer 4 quick questions to help you discover your loan options or choose the Calculator to see the estimated costs involved for many of our products.

Trust is key to us

We really care about our customers – we have scored 4.7 out of 5 based on 343 ratings and 56 user reviews across our range of services and this is a standard that we are keen to maintain. We might be offering you a free broker service through which to arrange your personal finance but the only thing that is discounted is the price – our high standards of service remain the same. Plus, we review and revise our site on a continuous basis to make sure that we are always providing the most up to date offering, the best options and the lowest cost service.


Nothing on this website constitutes financial advice. If you need financial advice you should speak to a qualified financial advisor.

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