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Marmalade's Offer

  • Exclusive to drivers aged 17-24
  • Low deposit of just £500
  • Affordable finance for applicants 18+
  • Brand new cars
  • 12 mnths' free insurance

Marmalade - Cars for Young Drivers

Affordable car finance & insurance


Why Marmalade?

  • Make driving for young people safer & more affordable
  • Car finance & insurance packages
  • Benefit from black-box technology

Young drivers - owning a new car may be more affordable than you think with Fuel & Go from Marmalade, with FREE insurance for your first year.  Get a quote on a brand new car from leading manufacturers such as Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot and Ford.

Marmalade Cars for Young Drivers

Marmalade's Fuel & Go Offer

Fuel & Go from Marmalade is the UK's only car finance and free insurance package that starts when you're 17.  Being a young driver shouldn't be so expensive and difficult and that's exactly why Marmalade offer a simple car and insurance package for young drivers with various finance options available.  You can secure your car with just £500 deposit, so get a quote now on a range of cars from leading manufacturers such as Audi, Nissan, Mini, Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot, Ford and Skoda. Benefits include:

  • A brand new car
  • Available from 17*
  • 12 months free car insurance (or a generous insurance contribution)
  • Finance options available

*Finance is subject to status and not available at 17, but an application can be made by a parent or guardian. Your new car will be covered through Marmalade with a discreet black box.  In some areas we can't offer free insurance.  If this is the case we will subsidise the cost of your insurance.

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Marmalade Summary

Overall Marmalade tailors a package of car, finance* and insurance* to get you on the road as affordably as possible.

The Cars:

  • Brand new cars only
  • From leading manufacturers such as Audi, Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat & Peugeot (other brands too)

The Finance (if required and if permitted):

  • Low deposit available, or pay more upfront to reduce future payments.
  • Only available to people aged 18 to 24 and subject to status.
  • Marmalade act as a credit broker working with a select panel of lenders.

The Insurance:

  • So-called black box technology (telematics) is fitted to your car.
  • It monitors the way the car is driven and encourages a responsible driving style.
  • Insurance is fully comprehensive and covers you on a provisional and full licence.
  • Free insurance for the first year*
  • You can change insurer after the first year if you wish

Finance is subject to status and only available from age 18. Free insurance available in selected postcodes. Your new car will be covered through Marmalade with a discreet black box. Unsafe driving skills could lead to a premium increase but 9 out of 10 Marmalade drivers have never had that problem. Marmalade, acting as a credit broker, will introduce you to a select panel of lenders.

Answers to Other Questions

Why Choose Marmalade?
  • They want to help you drive cars that are safer and they want to let you do that affordably
  • Get 12 months free insurance (some postcode restrictions) or a significant insurance contribution
  • Save money versus buying an old car and insuring it the old fashioned way
  • Benefit from the experience of a dedicated young driver team
  • All cars offered fall into the lower road tax bracket
How does the Young Driver scheme work?
  • You buy and insure your car through Marmalade as a package
  • To help minimise your insurance costs and to encourage safe driving a "black box" is fitted to your car (properly called telematics). It monitors your use of the car.
  • You get free insurance (or a large contribution to premiums) for the first 12 months - after 12 months you can continue with Marmalade or go elsewhere for your insurance
  • You can drive on both provisional and full licences
  • If you are aged 18+ Marmalade can find you competitive car finance to pay for your car or you can buy it outright. The finance aims to get you into a car with only a low deposit required.
What are the benefits of Black Box Insurance?

The price you pay for insurance is all about the level of risk your driving poses! So, when you are young and inexperienced the risk is (much) higher and so too are the premiums. What the black box does is help to lower the risk - because it monitors your driving you are encouraged to drive responsbily and safely. You develop good driving habits. With this lower risk comes more affordable insurance.

You are actually able to go on line and view your driving data to discover how well you've been doing!

Unlike some other insurers Marmalade don't impose any curfews on your use of the car. You may be asked to add a parent to your policy as this helps to keep premiums down while you build up a no claims discount for the future.

So, how well do Marmalade drivers do? 9 out of 10 drivers have never had a problem and benefit from continued low insurance premiums. Just so you know, if in future you decide to no longer be insured by Marmalade the black box is simply turned off (but as you own it it remains discretely fitted in your car).

How is my new car paid for?

The Marmalade scheme allows you to finance the purchase of your new car with only a low deposit needed. The finance used can be either HP or PCP (click to find out more). Typically you don't own the car until you have made all the payments. With PCP you have the option of handing the car back before making the final "balloon" payment.

If you wish you could pay for the car outright with cash, or borrow from elsewhere using an unsecured loan for example.

What's the experience of other Marmalade customers?

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