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Zuto Car Finance

  • PCP, Contract Hire & HP
  • 80 plans / 18 lenders
  • All credit ratings
  • Flexible purchase options
  • One-to-One service
  • 98% overall rating


"Take Charge of Your (Used) Car Finance"

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We've chosen to partner with Zuto for car finance because they go well beyond the average broker.

Not only will they source the best finance deal for you, but help you check out:

  • Your proposed (used) car
  • Your proposed dealer

And if you haven't found your car they can help you do that too using their "stock search" facility!

Add to this the high level of customer satisfaction - an overall rating of 98% - and we feel this is the right company to work with.

Why use Zuto?

  • Used car specialists
  • 80 products from a broad range of lenders
  • Credit problems? Special plans available.
  • Get a dedicated adviser
  • Can assess your car dealer's reputation
  • Can conduct a car "stock search" to find you your car, if you wish
  • Peace of mind - they'll provide a full HPI vehicle history check.
  • No Fees!

Zuto Car Finance

Key Information

  • Apply for finance from £1000 to £50,000, with the typical finance amount being £7,500 - used cars are the majority of Zuto's finance business
  • All credit histories catered for with car finance priced accordingly - they aim to have something for everyone by having a broad lender panel
  • Various forms of car and vehicle finance are available:
    • PCP
    • Contract Hire
    • HP
    • Conditional Sale (i.e. HP with the commitment to buy from the start)
  • You can buy your vehicle from any UK dealership, and if you want extra peace of mind Zuto will tell you which dealers they believe are reputable!
    • main dealers networks
    • car supermarkets
    • independent retailers, etc
    • can even buy privately if you wish
  • No car yet? Let Zuto find one using their free "Stock Search" service (reputable dealers only)
  • You deal with a dedicated sales adviser throughout your dealing with Zuto
  • All makes and models of car, motorcycles and other vehicles are included
  • There is no charge for using their broking service
Who can get car finance?
  • PCP is typically for good credit applicants
  • HP is available to most applicants
  • Homeowners will be eligible for the best rates
  • There are good rates for non-homeowners & tenants who may not be able to get a personal loan (as high street banks won’t lend to them at competitive APR’s)
  • Loans are available for people who have had/have defaults, CCJ’s, are ex bankrupt, on a DMP (Debt management) or have an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)
  • More likely to get accepted for car finance as the loan is secured on the car
How much will my finance cost?

Your monthly repayment amount will depend on your precise requirements and your personal circumstances. However, Zuto's representative examples (as at January 2017) allow you to see how your credit rating could affect your repayments.

Assuming you need £10,000 for your next car and that you wil repay over 48 months then:

  • Excellent Credit: £247/month (total repayable £11,840) - 8.9% APR
  • Good Credit: £237/month (£13,100) - 14.9% APR
  • Average Credit: £287/month (£13,760) - 18.0% APR
  • Poor Credit: £311/month (£14,928) - 23.4% APR
  • Bad Credit: £354/month (£17,000) - 33.2% APR
In addition your choice of a PCP or HP deal will determine whether you are buying the vehicle outright or handing it back at the end of the contract. This will also influence the monthly repayment. Compare types of car finance.
As with all credit it makes sense to repay it as quickly as possible to reduce the impact of interest charges. But you should also make repayments in the context of your overall personal budget so that repayments remain affordable.


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This service is free to you. We may earn a commission from Zuto if you take a loan via their broking service. This is paid by them not by you.

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