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Credit Cards

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Credit Cards

A credit card is the perfect way to run your day-to-day finances. It's a "cash flow tool" - a way to bridge the gap between when you pay for goods and services and when you get paid. If you play by the rules you can get around 45 days of free credit on a revolving basis. If you break the rules you can start to incur high charges and a growing amount of debt. So, it pays to:

  • know what the rules are
  • choose the right credit card

Compare Credit Cards Now

If you are thinking of getting a credit card or changing your card provider then check out our 100% up-to-date comparison table. Our comparison table allows you to search for cards on the basis of which:

  • offer 0% on balance transfers
  • offer 0% on new purchases
  • can help rebuild your credit rating
  • offer rewards
  • allow foreign spending

Credit Card Do's & Don'ts:

Things you should DO

  • Pay off your card balance in full each month!
  • Shop around for the best card on the terms you need
  • Switch provider to get a lower rate
  • Switch to get a 0% on transfers, and then gradually pay off your balance before the end of the 0% term
  • Pay for essentials with cash - avoid adding these to your credit card balance

Things you should NOT DO

  • Make only the minimum monthly payment - interest rates are horrific if you do this
  • Buy things you couldn't afford to buy if you only had cash
  • Sign the credit card agreement without reading the terms & conditions!
  • Close cards without considering if there would be an adverse impact on your credit rating

Getting the most from Credit Cards

If you want to find out how to get the most value from using a credit card then read our guide, or watch the 5 minute video. You'll be introduced to the basics of operating a credit card, the benefits of using one and how apply to ensure you get the one right for you.

We've also got some useful articles about credit cards:

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you have a tricky credit history then you might like to know that there are credit cards designed just for people like you. The cards can actually help you improve your credit rating if you meet the payment requirements and stay within your limit.

Vanquis operates one of the most successful cards that can help you rebuild your credit.