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Car loans with a guarantor up to £15000

Providing a guarantor could help you get the car finance you need.

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Guarantor Car Loans

  • Borrow up to £15,000
  • Credit problems a speciality
  • Guarantors need not own their home
  • Multiple Loan Options

Guarantor Car Finance

Why Guarantor Car Finance?

  • Where a bad credit history could prevent you getting the loan you want
  • When you want to sort your car finance out before you buy the car
  • When you feel you may get a bad finance deal from the car dealer
  • When you want to separate the car price negotiation from the financing
  • When you want to stay in control

With many people suffering from credit problems one of the car loan options you may be offered is car finance with a guarantor. This simply means that you provide someone who'll guarantee your loan repayments if you have a problem.

Most cars (new and used) are purchased on credit simply because of the large outlay involved. And these days most cars are bought using specialist car finance e.g. HP or PCP. Our broker has access to a broad panel of lenders that offer hundreds of car finance plans - one or more to suit virtually every eventuality.

car finance with a guarantor

Car Finance with a Guarantor

You will only need to get car finance using a guarantor if you have a credit problem. While there are other ways to get car finance in this situation the fact is that having a guarantor will:

  • significantly improve your chances of getting car finance or a car loan
  • allow you to get credit at a lower APR% than if you had no guarantor

So, what is a guarantor? As part of your finance agreement you provide someone who will support you. They will be expected to step in and make your monthly loan repayments if you cannot for some reason. This is a significant responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. You car finance guarantor is likely to be a member of your family or a close friend - someone who knows you well and trusts you.

How does a guarantor for a car loan work?

If you are negotiating with a car dealer about your next vehicle and also need credit (as most people do) then how do you know if you are getting the best overall deal? How do you know if the price reduction you've got on the car isn't being recovered through the price of the credit you're also negotiating? Market information suggests that car dealer make far more profit from the finance they give you than from the car they sell you! So take care.

We think the best arrangement is to sort out your car loan via a lender or a car loan broker before you go and negotiate on the price of the car - effectively turning up at the car dealer as a cash buyer puts you in a stronger negotiating position and protects your bank account! It will take a bit more effort, but we think it is worth it.

So our broker will look at your credit history and one of the options they may offer you is a car loan with a guarantor. As explained above your guarantor will offset any risk the lender sees and probably get you a better APR% deal than otherwise available.

new car finance with guarantor

How to lease a car with a Guarantor

Leasing your next car with finance backed by a guarantor is straightforward and can be readily set up by our car finance broker. There are numerous guarantor lenders in the UK that can provide such finance and that can be incorporated into a leasing arrangement.

Alternatively you don't have to lease your car. You could choose to buy your next car outright using a guarantor loan that you have arranged directly through us. We have access to loans up to £15,000. It may cost you less overall, although the monthly repayments may be higher in the short term. Something to think about.

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