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Cheap Guarantor Loans

  • Borrow £500 - £15000
  • Rep. 39.9% APR
  • Non-Homeowner Guarantors accepted
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Low APR Guarantor Loans

A guarantor loan is likely to be a cheaper way to borrow than other forms of unsecured loan if you have an adverse credit rating. The presence of a guarantor tells the lender that people trust you. And with this support from friends or family comes lower borrowing rates.

And we have access to the cheapest loans in the guarantor market - rates as low as 29.9% APR. Loans start at £500 and go up to £15,000.

Rates Lower than other Bad Credit Loans

Most standard bad credit personal loans over £500 have representative APRs in the region of 70%. Providing a guarantor for your loan can reduce the representative APR to between 40% and 50% (varies by lender).

The precise APR you will get depends on a number of things:

  • The loan amount
  • Whether your guarantor is a homeowner or a non-homeowner
  • The duration of your loan
  • The lender

Rates can be as low as 29.9%.

More about Guarantor Loans

£500 to £15,000 Loans - over 12 to 60 months

The Representative APR for this type of loan provided by our panel of lenders is 39.9%. In simple terms this means that in at least 51% of the cases the borrower gets this interest rate or lower.

This APR is lower than most other lenders who specialise in providing unsecured credit to those with imperfect credit because of the presence of the loan guarantor.

Keep in mind that each of our lenders offer different rates, and some offer lower rates for larger loan amounts. Rates may also be lower if your guarantor is a homeowner rather than a non-homeowner. Rates start at 29.9% APR.

So, it always makes sense to get personalised quotations from the lenders - in which case complete our online enquiry form. We can tell you instantly which lenders will lend in principle and their representative APR%. On average you should expect to receive 3-4 loan offers that you can compare.

We don't charge fees for our service, and the deals you get will be the same as going direct.

What Could Your Loan Cost?

This table shows an approximation of the monthly repayments that would be due based on the representative APR%, the loan value and the loan repayment period.

Approx Monthly Repayments at
Representative 39.9% APR*
  Example Loan Value:  
Months: £2,000 £4,000 £6,000 £8,000
24 122 244 366 489
36 96 192 288 384
48 84 168 252 336
60 77 155 232 309

Representative Example: Borrow £3000 over 36 months, pay back £134.10 per month. Total repayable £4827.60. Rate of Interest 34.05%. Representative APR 39.9% fixed.

As with all loans you can reduce the total cost of borrowing by repaying your loan as quickly as you can - though this may make your repayments larger in the short term. You need to balance the total cost of borrowing against your monthly household budget and what you can afford to repay.

About Guarantor Loans


Representative Example (Loans £500+)

Loan Amount


Monthly Repayment


Loan Term

36 mnths

Total Repayment


Rate of Interest


Representative APR


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