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Cheap Personal Loan Interest Rates

Find the Lowest Rates:

  • Rates start at 4%
  • Wide panel of lenders covering all credit ratings
  • Instant online quote service
  • Same deals as going direct
  • Representative APR 14.2%

We aim to help find you the cheapest interest rate for your personal loan given your particular credit history.

When you use our online broking service we only show your enquiry to the relevant selection of lenders. Having got the answers from them we'll instantly show you the deals available for you to choose from.

Low Interest Rate Loans

If you have an excellent credit rating then you may find that the best rates available to you are from the high street banks. Our panel of lenders may find it hard to compete. Where we can probably help you is if you have a blemished credit rating and perhaps have already been rejected by one or more high street lenders.

We work with a broad panel of specialist lenders many of whom are able to tailor their personal loan interest rates to reflect your particular credit rating. Because of this approach you may find you can get a lower interest rate than you might otherwise expect.

We also work with some "one size fits all" lenders who have a simple yes/no lending policy and a single APR% rate. But in these situations it is still possible that this interest rate is more competitive than a tailored one - e.g. if you have a very bad credit history.

A Choice of Personal Loans

Find the Cheapest Personal Loan

Our online broking service (which is free) allows us to find the cheapest loans for your particular credit rating. By completing one simple form, selecting your credit rating, and submitting we can give you a list of options within 60 seconds for you to consider - no obligation.

Using this method should allow you to find the cheapest and most relevant loan for your needs from two types of lender:

  1. Where the lender offers a single rate of interest but they either offer it to you or not (i.e. a sharp cut off)
  2. Where the lender tailors the interest rate for your particular credit history to account for a specific degree of risk.

Having a mix of lenders like this provides a wider range of opportunities for you overall.

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Low APR Personal Loans

To get the very lowest interest rates you need to:

  • have a perfect credit history
  • borrow a large amount over an extended period
  • shop around to ensure that lenders are competing for your business

But there are obviously other considerations not least:

  • the affordability of monthly repayments
  • the total interest of borrowing the sum you need over the life of the loan

So we would always recommend:

  1. Borrowing the least you can get away with
  2. Repaying the loan as quickly as you can
  3. Ensuring that monthly repayments are affordable as getting behind on payments will damage your credit rating

You can use our personal loan calculator to explore how loan repayments can vary.

Perhaps pursuing the lowest APR% should not always be the primary concern.

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